foxValley Isle Vixens

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Please let me introduce our Valley Isle Vixens!!

Damsel Judy, Sassy Sandi, Dame Debby, Lady Lynda, Lady Ioana, Lady Luscious, Foxy Lady, Colleen, Lady Shamrock, Shannon, Foxy Vice Kween, Myrna, Kween Kathy; Missing, Marvelous Illa, Lady Sylvia

Vixen Sisters 2010-2011
VK and Kween
Foxy Vice Kween Myrna and Kween Kathy

lady shamrockspacersassy sandi

spacerLady Shamrock, Shannon spacerSassy Sandi
spacer Keeper of the FUNds

Foxy LadyspacerLady Ioana
Foxy Lady, Colleenspacer Lady Ioana, Joan
Lady LusciousspacerDamsel Dilly
Lady Luscious, LynnspacerDamsel Dillie, Judy
Dame Debby spacerLady Lynda
spacer spacer


spacerMarvelous IllaspacerLady Sylvia spacerspacerspacer


Current Vixen Chapterettes

Charter Vixens: 2009-2010

2nd Year Vixens: 2010-2011

3rd Year Vixens: 2011-2012

4th Year Vixens: 2012-2013

5th Year Vixens: 2013-2014

6th Year Vixens: 2014-2015

7th Year Vixens: 2015-2016

8th Year Vixens: 2016-2017

9th Year Vixens: 2017-2018

10th Year Vixens: 2018-2019